- Active relaxation for the family
- Company programs
- Fishing, diving
- Hiking by the lake and river Drava


Wandering around in the land of „Somogy country”, close to Croatia, the time seems to stand still. Even the air here is different. Some say, the valley of the Dráva river is a miracle itself. Approaching the village of Gyékényes the lush flora of the Duna-Dráva National Park amazes. Slowly appearing from the cover of the thick forests and the rich underwood are the pyramids of the modern ages, the „gravel hills”. Our journey takes us through the little village. Glittering blue emerges from behind the neat little houses. We have arrived. The pearl of Gyékényes, the lake, with it’s deep and crystal waters lurks the thousand shades of blue.

The quarry, or „kotró” as the locals refer to it, is a real paradise for sports-fishing. The patient angler can tackle here a record sized catfish, carp, grass carp or many other types of fish. Quite a good many throw a line with bait, even only from the piers, to doze along soothing wine, waiting for the most beautiful „ticking music” of the world….”You have a catch!”…

The tiny weekend houses, closely cuddling up against each other, are awaiting their trusty owners. Snakes of smoke serpentining to the skies for the long awaited grilled delicacy to get ready. That indeed feels good after the lawn mowing or removing the spider webs from the house.

If we catch a boat, we can paddle around the 350 hectare lake.

For those wishing to go hiking, we suggest the numerous educational trails of the Duna-Dráva National Park, the „Látóhegy” (look-out hill)of Zákány, the arboretum of Csurgónagymarton, the „Szent-Mihály” hill of Őrtilos and varoius other amazing hills, valleys and islands, unspoiled and romantic.

Little chapels, roadside crosses, tended churches provide intimate moments to those on the spiritual journey. You can hop on a bicycle to ride around, since the two-wheelers are available from us for rent aswell.

Over the winding Drava river, the towers of Croatian villages are reaching into the sky. Every year, on the day of Saint Anne, they celebrate their pilgrimage by crossing the river with boats and a large festival.


Posseidon apartmans
in Croatia!